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Waves are utterly fluid, they appear only in a fraction of time and immediately disappear, leaving no trace, apart from the one in our memory.


the waves...

The process

It all starts with a base... Wait, sorry, it all starts with real waves and a coffee, and only then comes to the base, which can be a driftwood from the beach or a customized wooden frame. When it is a driftwood  base, there is always an inner argument, a discussion due to the imperfection of the wood that obliges to adapt to its shape in order to create a harmonic piece. 

After visualizing the wave, I create a skeleton that defines the shape of the future piece and supports it. Then, I apply a special gypsum until the wave gets a rough volume and let it dry. Days after, I start sculpting it and working out the smaller details, which is followed by applying a generous layer of coating that will protect the piece over time.

The second part of the process is painting: choosing the palette, mixing the colors and dressing a wave into them with the airbrush. Layer by layer, the piece is gaining its personality. Then, the last touches with a classic brush, a signature and a bath of varnish to protect the painting.

Sometimes it takes up to four weeks to finish a piece, sometimes more...depending on the good swells arriving at the home coast.