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A caravan trip around

C U R R E N T L Y :


N E X T :


private lessons / comissions / paintings / prints

European Trip Intro

 I´m now travelling along the european coast on my caravan, for surfing and gettting some inspiration for painting.

This means, would love to meet local people along the way, paint some of your favorite spots, drink a coffee with you.

I will keep updating on Instagram my current location

lessons & workshops 
(presential during the trip)

If you were seeking for painting lessons, I will be able to provide lessons in my caravan, 2 people max. I have all material included. 
send me an email or message to plan !

Paintings & commissions
(worldwide and presential during the trip)

I´m available for commission paintings along the way, send me an email
if you want me to paint an idea o
r photo that you dreamed of. 
All my original paintings are travelling with me and Maria (the caravan) check my online shop for originals.
I will ship your painting once I pass by a post office


To make it easier, I´m now working with a platform Saatchiart, that takes care of the printing and shipping for me.
Different sizes, with or without frame.

(presential during the trip)

Before starting the trip, I printed out many prints and brought them with me, feel free to hit me if you want to decorate your home with new art :)

online shop

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