I'm Johny Vieira, 32 years old, currently living in Santa Cruz, Portugal. After starting to surf,  20 years ago, ocean became a place where I constantly seek inspiration, fun, and energy. It is in the ocean where I feel at home and useful to myself.


Surfing also became a bridge to and a platform for the world of creating. I clearly remember that unusual morning, almost 6 years ago. Still sleepy in bed, I found myself looking at a picture frame and imagining a wave curling out of it, and that was the exact moment when the search for the perfect wave begun.


With a limited array of artistic skills, from scratch, I had to figure out the way to incarnate my idea. The process flowed naturally, though - it came as a relief following an extreme obsession with perfect waves, tirelessly voyaging across my mind.


In this project, I aim to create hypnotizing barrels, long walls and churning breaks through simple lines, crystalline colors and minimal design, where nothing distracts you from the wave itself thus allowing your imagination to surf.