I discovered  a different way to express my passion - depicting water with water.








  • Arches paper  100% cotton 300gsm

  • Different sizes

  • Authenticity certificate

Watercolor painting has been my new project during these last years. I felt especially drawn to this media because of the purity and translucency of the result.

I studied in a technical school of drawing and painting of the master Duran Castaibert, where I learned various media and techniques. Then I continued my learning with workshops from different painters. 


I have spent many days and nights in my atelier studying and practicing and here you will find the result.


I hope my painitngs will remind you of the dear moments you had in the water or make you dream of some. 



Fine art prints

  • ONLY limited editions

  • a4, a3, a2 sizes available

  • high quality paper - arches 300gsm 100% cotton

Ink & Printer

When we speak about high quality prints, Canon Pro 1000 with the LUCIA PRO 12-ink system is the one professionals search for.


I have invested in one of the best printers on the market to guarantee the best prints possible. After many proof prints, adjusting light and color, the final outcome is unbelievable. 


Arches Paper is the most prized paper by artists all over the world.

Its 100 % long cotton fibre composition gives the paper its beauty, a natural, lasting whiteness and an inimitable touch as well as strength. It has a fungicidal treatment to prevent the appearance of mold, with alkaline reserve, acid-free and no optical brightening agents

Limited editions

All paintings have a limited number of prints, in different sizes. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.

A4 - 25 prints 
A3 - 15 or 25 prints

A2 - 10 prints




  • Original watercolors

  • fine art prints - limited editions

  • shipping worldwide


Commission work

  • Arches paper  100% cotton 300gsm

  • customized size

  • from 100€

If you want I paint something specially for you,

related with surf lifestyle, send me an email to wavesbyjohny@gmail.com with: 


  • your idea

  • photo references

  • size of the painting