To take on a new challenge and experiment is always a great idea. This is why from time to time I accept trophies projects. So far, they have been mostly ocean related - surf, SUP, bodyboard, bodysurf, waveski etc. - except for one occasion when I found myself making a skate trophy ;)


All the trophies are 100% handmade from organic and recycled(able) materials, mainly wood.

The style remains minimalist: clean lines and natural colors.

There are no fixed prices for the trophies as they vary greatly depending on the scale, materials, and time frames. To receive the quote for your project, please send me a message here

Portuguese surf champion 2017
Allianz triple crown
Portuguese surf champion 2017
Capítulo Perfeito
Wood trophy for one of the events
Portuguese surf champion 2017

Liga Meo - Vasco Ribeiro